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Thank you so much for visiting my site. My story is simple. When I started using and making Colloidal Silver, I found it confusing and overwhelming trying to find the correct information. After figuring it out, I wanted to help others get started without them having to weed through all of the nonsense out there. I started the Facebook group “Colloidal Silver Beginners” in 2016 to share what I’ve learned. Along with helping with the brew process, I also helped others by building kits for them. The kits then became something more and more people wanted so I continued. Whether it’s putting your own kit together, helping you use your current generator, or guiding you along using the kit I offer, I am here to help you. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


How to make Ionic Colloidal Silver

Making ionic Colloidal Silver


Wash your jar (any size will do) and silver with soap and water. Then rinse well with distilled water. (Do Not use soap on silver after the first time)


Fill jar with distilled water.


Use your TDS Meter (Optional) Only to confirm your water is at 0ppm. (Turn meter on, dip Only the end in, read ppm. Meter does Not read finished CS PPM)


Attach Silver through a lid or bend one end to hook over jars lip. Clip one wire to each alligator clip.


Put your Silver in the Water, not touching each other, the sides, or bottom.


Insert Plug in to wall. Or clip wires to batteries. You are now brewing!

Distilled water does not conduct electricity well because it doesn’t contain minerals, so your first batch may take up to a few hours to see the positive (+) wire turn dark, and the negative (-) wire begin to accumulate what looks like gray moss. This build-up of silver oxides will increase the longer the power is connected, and some of it may fall to the bottom of your container. This is normal.

Check the batch periodically to track the concentration using your Laser Pointer. This will show the Tyndall effect (light scattered by particles). Note: Tyndall effect will not be present in distilled water.

When finished, you will be able to see a solid line/beam through your brew. You may also stop if you notice the color start to change.
Filter, if desired. You may save filtered residue (oxide) to mix with aloe to use on cuts, burns, ect. (Filtering is optional.).
Use scrub pad to clean silver under running water. No need to scrub hard. Then set aside for next use.

Building your own simple cs generator

Things you will need


Silver Wire

You will need two pieces of pure .999 (99.9%) or better silver wire roughly 5”-7”. Some people prefer to use silver bezel (ribbon) instead of regular round wire, but either type is fine.I use Golden State Silvers 99.99% 6 inch 12 gauge wire. (10,12 & 14 gauges are common) Here’s a Discount Code and the link. CSB2024 Buy here


Power Supply

9 volt batteries are easy to get started with, or to have on hand in an emergency situation when there is no electricity. If you use batteries, you will need some copper wire. You can use a piece of an old extension cord or the cord cut from an old appliance (lamp, toaster, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.) To use batteries, you also need 4 alligator clips. Find these at a hobby, electronics supply, or an auto parts stores.

There are other types of inexpensive power sources — adapters or chargers — that can be bought new or salvaged from old cell phones, etc. This type of power source is economical, as buying new batteries becomes expensive in the long term. Simply cut the plug end of the power cord and add 2 alligator clips. The negative wire will usually have white markings on its insulation.

Look for a minimum DC output of 12V (volts)/500 mA (milliamps) up to a maximum DC output of 30V/3A (3000 mA). These numbers will be on a sticker or molded into the plastic housing. Some other sizes can work, too.


Other Things You Will Need

Steam Distilled Water is preferred. Zero or Deionized water may be used as well. Filtered or spring water contains minerals that will alter the process. In an emergency, use the purest water you can find.

Green Scotch Brite cleaning pad, to clean the silver wires.

A laser pointer. To show reflecting particles and to gauge ppm. Simply cat toys work as well.

A glass jar in which to make your colloidal silver. About a quart size is good to start.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or Hanna Meter (optional) to measure PPM (parts per million) of dissolved minerals and ensure purity of the distilled water you will use. Most distilled water sold in the US is reliable, so a meter is not required equipment.

A funnel and coffee filters (optional). To filter finished brew if preferred.

Storage containers. I prefer Amber glass for storage as Colloidal Silver can be sensitive to light. Clear containers are ok if stored in a darker area. Food safe plastics are ok as well.


What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic remedy. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It consists of pure silver particles and ions suspended in pure water by an electrical charge, so small they can not be filtered out.

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